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Charitable Solicitation & Fundraising

Charitable fundraising activities have dramatically expanded in the past decade with the advent of new technology. Solicitation of tax-deductible donations can be accomplished through a wide variety of means, including direct mail, telemarketing, online fundraising platforms, mobile device apps, real-time, televised or virtual events, cause-marketing campaigns, and social media.

Organizations who engage in charitable fundraising must comply with various state and federal regulations.  To remain compliant requires diligence and knowledge of these regulations, which include recordkeeping, reporting, and disclosure. State laws in particular pose a challenge as solicitation campaigns must abide by the laws in every state where funds will be raised. The failure to properly register and comply with all applicable state fundraising laws can result in costly fines and other penalties.

Perlman & Perlman’s attorneys will review your organization’s fundraising strategies and activities within the context of the ever-evolving landscape of fundraising regulation and provide your organization with a thorough analysis of its compliance obligations to keep it out of jeopardy.  We also offer complete fundraising and registration services to take the burden off your staff and let you focus on the work of your mission.

  • State Charitable Solicitation Registration & Compliance
    • Charitable Organizations
    • Commercial Co-venturers
    • Fundraising Counsel
    • Professional Fundraisers
    • Qualification for Exemption from Registration Solicitation Disclosures
  • Internet Fundraising Regulation
  • Nonprofit Mail Rate
  • Online Fundraising Platforms
  • Sweepstakes, Raffles & Contests
Representative Work
  • Advising on the federal and state regulations affecting fundraising and cause-related marketing
  • Advising on registration and disclosure requirements for fundraising and cause-related marketing
  • Negotiating contracts between nonprofit and for-profit entities to ensure compliance with federal and state regulatory schemes
  • Registering charitable organizations, fundraising professionals and commercial co-ventures in the states that require such registration
  • Preparing corporate and other documents allowing for-profit entities to fund charitable socially-responsible causes


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