Contracts and Commercial Transactions

Contracts & Commercial Transactions

Businesses that pursue a social purpose, whether they are nonprofit or for-profit, will routinely engage in commercial transactions and require written contracts or agreements. These encompass a broad range of business needs, including the hiring of vendors and independent contractors, the negotiation and documention of employment and compensation arrangements, and obtaining intellectual property licenses. In addition, agreements may be drafted for financing, grants, loans, leases, shared services, collaborations, or joint ventures.

Our comprehensive approach is to advise clients on what to include, as well as exclude, as part of the agreement,  taking into consideration strategic planning and any tax implications. By employing a clear style and logical framework, we draft the agreement to ensure that all terms will be enforceable.

Our attorneys will review client needs and advise them on the optimal course for managing multiple related entities, structuring nonprofit-for-profit hybrids, engaging in cause marketing campaigns, conducting related and unrelated businesses, making program-related investments, selling assets, and all business life-cycle transitions including acquisitions,mergers or dissolutions.

  • Consulting Agreements
  • Grant Agreements
  • Joint Venture Mergers, Acquisitions & Dissolutions
  • Sales of Assets
  • Vendor Agreements