Nonprofit Formation Services

Legal Consultation

We offer a one-hour consultation with an attorney to advise you on how to establish your organization as a legal entity. If you choose to utilize our nonprofit formation services, we will credit the consultation fee against our fee to assist with the nonprofit formation and tax-exemption process.

Nonprofit Formation

Typically, setting up a new nonprofit organization involves three key steps:

  • File your Certificate of Incorporation with the state, which should include certain language required by the IRS.
  • Adopt Bylaws, appoint initial directors and officers, adopt initial corporate resolutions, and apply for a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Prepare and file an application for federal tax-exempt status with the IRS.

For a flat fee, we will manage all of these steps for you.

Additional Legal Services

Beyond our nonprofit formation services, we can also help you determine if your organization may benefit by applying for state sales tax or property tax exemption, or if you need to qualify to do business in another state. We can also assist with legal issues relating to contracts, leases, employment, trademarks, insurance, and use of technology and social media. Some clients hire us as “general counsel” to advise on ongoing legal matters to ensure that your organization is in compliance with the unique regulatory requirements applicable to nonprofits.

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